Saratoga Resort and Spa

Snowy Mountain Brewery Race Boat: Superboat International Race #1 April 2014

Superboat International Race #1 2014 Season Winner: 2 Time World Champion Snowy Mountain Brewery #14 April 13, 2014 Port Charolotte, Florida Sponsors: Marker 17 Marine; Wilmington, NC Center for Spinal Disorders, Denver, Colorado Saratoga Resort and Spa, Saratoga Wyoming Snowy Mountain Brewery; Saratoga Wyoming

Snowy Mountain Brewery -Saratoga Resort and Spa

Snowy Mountain Brewery Outerlimits Original Debut

Doc Janssen, Denver’s Spine Surgeon, Owner and Racer’s All New 29′ Outerlimits Super Vee Lite. Rigged by Offshore Racer Brian Forehand of Marker 17 Marine in Wilmington NC and Doc’s partnership with Snowy Mountain Brewery in Saratoga, WY has brought this boat to the forefront of the marine industry. Special thanks to Harris Devane, Chase Boat driver.