Saratoga Hot Springs Resort

Purchase A Snowy Mountain Growler

Purchase one of our Snowy Mountain Growlers while you’re in the pub and bring it back for refills. This glass marvel will look great in your collection. Pick one up today $55.00 with refills for $16.00 to $18.00. What is a Growler? A growler is a U.S. half gallon (1,890 ml/66.5 imp fl oz) glass…


3rd Annual Snowy Range Snowmobile Poker Run

January 14 2012 — Snowmobile Poker Run A great day of snowmobiling for a great cause! Proceeds from the poker run will benefit local Search & Rescue.  The snowmobile route runs from Ryan Park, WY to Albany, WY and back with the final stop at the Saratoga Resort that evening for music, food and great…


What Is A Microbrew

We often get asked what is a Microbrew? Well, here you go right from Wikipedia. – A microbrewery is a brewery which produces a limited amount of beer. In the U.S, the “Brewers Association” uses a fixed maximum limit of 15,000 US beer barrels (1,800,000 l; 460,000 US gal; 390,000 imp gal) a year to…