There is no better place to go snowmobiling in Wyoming than Saratoga Hot Springs Resort who provides Snowmobile Rentals and Guided Tours for snowmobilers of all experience levels, from novice to experienced on brand new Polaris snowmobile rentals. We have over 200 miles of expertly marked trails with perfect snow and great trail options for every level of rider comfort. Our guides are experts and know the trails better than anyone else. From the steep slopes to the wide-open meadow, there are options for everyone to Snowmobile in Wyoming while staying at Saratoga Hot Springs Resort.

If you’re looking for the best options for Snowmobiling near Laramie or Snowmobiling in Jackson Hole, there’s no better place for Snowmobiling in Wyoming than Saratoga Hot Springs Resort! Saratoga has the most snow and provides the most fun for anyone looking to go Snowmobiling in Wyoming!


Snowmobile Rentals and Guided Tours


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From the massive amounts of snow to the gorgeous scenery, the Snowy Mountain Range provides an experience like no other from long and epic trails to great flat-ground rides. Come see the wildlife and forestry from behind the handlebars as you blaze through woodlands, meadows, inclines, and slopes. Saratoga Hot Springs Resort is the go-to destination for all snowmobile riders.

When the experts and the pros go Snowmobiling in Wyoming, they stay at Saratoga Hot Springs Resort. Not only to push their power on the powder but to enjoy a great winter vacation. The snow season lasts longer and hits harder on this side of the range and that’s why people come to Saratoga, Wyoming than anywhere else, so it’s no wonder the professionals prefer Snowmobiling in Wyoming over anywhere else in the country. It’s no wonder they keep coming back too, as the snow sticks to the ground longer here than anywhere else. The groomed slopes are immaculate and the snow is smooth and ready for your ride. Saratoga Hot Springs Resort gives you the freedom to see everything Wyoming has to offer from the seat of your snowmobile rental.

We have brand new Polaris equipment for your winter experience. Snowmobiling in Wyoming at Saratoga Hot Springs Resort. Enjoy the majestic solitude of the wide-open trails of Wyoming from the breathtaking mountain vistas to the jaw-dropping woodlands, all on your snowmobile. Come Snowmobiling in Wyoming at Saratoga Hot Springs Resort for an experience you can’t get anywhere else.


The INDY VR1 is built on the rider-first MATRYX platform, delivering ferocious acceleration, effortless control and intelligent technology- unlocking the next dimension in dominating trail performance. The INDY VR1 137 features superior versatility and comfort with the smooth and powerful 650 Patriot. (TRAIL ONLY)

Full-Day: $250


The ultimate 50/50 crossover snowmobile delivers pure dominance on-trail and off. Built on the rider-first MATRYX platform, the Switchback Assault combines superior on-trail and off trail boondocking capability with the smooth and powerful 650 Patriot. (ON AND OFF TRAIL/ CROSSOVER)

Full-Day: $250


The playful and dynamic RMK KHAOS, built on the Proven AXYS Platform. Featuring the 165″ 2.75″ series 8 track, Quick Drive 2 system, and high performance 850 Patriot, this RMK KHAOS is built for agile handling, flotation, and fun factor in any terrain. The most agile mountain sled-ever. Designed for all riding zones for a lively backcountry experience. (DEEP POWDER OFF TRAIL)

Full-Day: $305

Snowmobile Gear Rentals & Guided Tours
Gear Rental Options: (Based on availability, for duration of rental)
  • Full Gear:
    Pricing information coming soon!
  • Wilderness Backpack Lunches Available

Note: Personal items, such as: gloves, goggles, socks, neck warmers & undergarments, are not available for rent. Limited supplies are available for purchase, in the Base Camp.

– $200/snowmobile/day with a 2 sled minimum

Private Snowmobile Guide Includes:

  • Wilderness Backpack Lunch, Shuttle Service to Ryan Park and Discounted
  • Rental Winter Clothing and upon return: A Fresh Microbrew at the Snowy Mountain Brewery.

Notes On Guided Tours:

  • Must rent snowmobiles through the Saratoga Resort to book our private guide
  • Guide prices do not include the cost of snowmobile rental
  • All prices exclude Taxes & Gratuity

Experience the beautiful outdoors of snowy Saratoga, Wyoming with a snowmobile rental and take part of an exhilarating adventure and memory to last a lifetime.

  • All participants must be present at the time of snowmobile check-out.
  • All drivers must be at least 18 to drive and have a valid driver’s license.
  • Renters must be 25 or older to rent
  • Minor passengers may only ride with a legal guardian who is at least 25 years or older.
  • Passengers must be able to grasp the handholds with feet firmly planted on foot holds
  • All participants must wear Safety Gear (helmet and eye protection) at all times while driving or riding the snowmobile.