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Saratoga Hot Springs Resort

Saratoga's Gathering Place for Friends and Family
The Snowy Mountain Pub & Biergarten is great place for a great meal any time of day and if you time your visit just right, you are likely to get entertainment. Our new attached Biergarten is an outdoor gathering place to enjoy at Saratoga Hot Springs Resort during the spring, summer and fall. Come enjoy great food and create lasting memories.
Snowy Mountain Pub

Snowy Mountain Pub is where resort goers and locals all tend to end up for great meals, fresh craft brewed beer, special events and entertaining entertainment.

Snowy Mountain Biergarten

The new Beirgarten, our proclaimed ‘Gathering Place’ extends the Pub outdoors and overflows with the good feeling fresh beer, food, games and entertainment.

Snowy Mountain Brewery

Brewing craft beer since 2009, SMB has has expanded beyond the pub to providing growlers and canning to go and now available at select locations in Wyoming.

Mobile Tap

The Snowy Mountain Mobile Tap Room makes for a great time at sporting and special events, tradeshows and large beer festivals.

Great Food

Our traditional American cuisine overflows the pub menu and our chefs also create dinner specials and feasts on special occasions.

Special Events

Snowy Mountain Brewery attends many beer festivals in Wyoming and regularly displays our unique booth at the GABF in Denver.

Upcoming Brewery Events