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Editor’s Corner — November

For all our hunters out there, I hope you had luck this season getting that trophy mount and stocking up on some great meat for the winter. If not, there is always next year! Last month we touched on all the hunting opportunities the Platte Valley and surrounding ranges have to offer. This month it’s…


Hunter Fire Safety During Drought

The drought that continues to plague Wyoming has left its effect on Wyoming’s landscape this past summer with nearly 500,000 acres burned by wildfires. Hunting season and other fall outdoor activities bring an increase for the potential of human caused fires, and consequential need for fire safety. Hunters are reminded that drought is still impacting…


Hunting In Carbon County

Why does Carbon County attract so many hunters? A variety of terrains from deep evergreen forests and high mountain deserts to riparian areas along Carbon County’s many rivers provides habit for a wide variety of wild game species. If hunting is on your agenda, southern Wyoming is unparalleled. As the least populated state in the…